Sukha Dukhalu Telugu Full Movie

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Sukha Dhukhalu is the story of a woman betrayed by a man who promises her the world. Ravi is the son of a retired army officer to whom sincerity, honesty and commitment mean everything. Ravi however is only keen on living his life frivolously and living at the expense of others’ happiness. Ravi meets Rajani, a sweet girl with a beautiful voice who joins the same college as Ravi. He sets his sights on her and plans to take advantage of her. Rajani falls for Ravi’s fabricated stories and starts to like him. She hopes to get married to him only she doesn’t realize that Ravi has already abandoned her. When Rajani finds out that she’s pregnant with Ravi’s child, she confronts Ravi but he tells her that he’s not interested in being with her anymore. Meanwhile, Rajani’s brother, Mohan who’s unaware of his sister’s condition finds a suitable match for her marriage. What happens to Rajani and how Ravi pays for his mistake forms the crux of the story.


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