Hanuman Animated Movie With English Subtitles | HD 1080p | Animated Movies For Kids In Hindi

The Hanuman, the lovable bachelor god, is beloved of all Indians. The son of Lord Shiva, god-son of Vaayu, his adventures as a kid, when he is unaware of his super-powers, his naughtiness, his pranks are brought to life in a beautifully woven story of Hanuman.
 How Hanuman, the naughty prankster, grows to be the biggest devotee of Lord Rama, helps him in his quest to get Sita back from the clutches of the evil king Raavan, forms the rest of this story. Hanumans story is sure to teach kids about single-minded devotion, loyalty and bravery for generations to come. This film attempts to narrate this fascinating story in simple yet powerfully entertaining form using visually appealing animation.


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